"Like many other fields, science has its fashions"~ Dr. Venki

I am a graduate biomedical engineering student at Purdue University and a graduate research assistant for the Nano Neurotechnology Lab.

I graduated with a BS in electrical engineering at Montana State University where I worked as an undergraduate researcher for the Kunze Neuroengineering Lab. My previous research focuses on engineering device applications to neurodegenerative diseases. I have recently developed a methodology that investigates the topographical changes that affect neuronal calcium signaling.

My current research project at Purdue aims to unravel dendritic dynamics to understand the formation of place field ensembles during traversal of an environment and bouts of wakeful inactivity. In doing so, I aim to understand how basal dendrites in the CA1 hippocampus region encodes information during the formation of place fields and more broadly understand the behavior of spatial navigation.

When I am not in lab, I like to dive into a good book or two. The quote above is from one of my favorites, Dr. Venki explains the importance in bridging communication between science and humanities which I find fascinating.

Recent News

01/15/2020: Hammad was nominated for a talk at NCUR 2020 at Montana State University (Cancelled).

11/07/2019: For MSU electrical engineering undergraduate, brain research offers a new path.

10/16-19/2019: Hammad gave a talk at the BMES 2019 in Philadelphia under nano micro-tools for neuroscience.

8/10-14/2019: Hammad gave a talk at the NNCI REU Convocation 2019 at Cornell University.

7/31/2019: Hammad presents his work at the summer NIH Montana INBRE summer celebration.