Montana State Sophomore Surge, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Society

Being part of the leadership community and outreach in Montana State is very important to me. Aptly named Sophomore Surge, this program centered on helping incoming students surge into their sophomore year. Initially, I joined this program’s pilot group to investigate how to increase retention rates in our university. I helped advise incoming students on registration, classes, and how to access various academic resources across campus. We coordinate closely with the assistant provost, aiming to broaden our community impact.

I worked with other mentors from all departments and majors and built techniques to expand our mentorship. Two years later, our program spans across three departments, includes more than 80 mentors, and assists more than 1000 incoming students. Our work gained recognition as a program that directly reduced dropout rates in our university.

As a team leader for Sophomore Surge, I have the opportunity to help my fellow peers mentor and develop leadership skills for their students. Additionally, being part of this program has allowed me to challenge myself in becoming a better teacher, mentor, and leader both for my students in the classroom and surge mentors.

As an engineering student, I am also part of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Society as well as the Biomedical Engineering Society due to my cross-discipline goals and accomplishments. ​

"Hammad was super beneficial to my college experience by coming to class everyday with a smile and encouraging a positive attitude"-Seth

"Seminar has helped me have an open mind and listen to individuals with opposing views"-Riley