"Like many other fields, science has its fashions"~ Dr. Venki

I am a graduating electrical engineering student at Montana State University and an undergraduate research assistant for the Kunze Neuroengineering Lab. My research focuses on engineering device applications to neurodegenerative diseases. I have recently developed a methodology that investigates the topographical changes that effect neuronal calcium signaling. My research focus extends to calcium imaging, electrode recording, and bio-integrated devices. I immensely enjoy the work I do, so much so that I intend to pursue graduate school.

When I am not in lab, I like to dive into a good book or two. The quote above is from one of my favorites, Dr. Venki explains the importance in bridging communication between science and humanities which I find fascinating.

Recent News

01/15/2020: Hammad will be giving a talk at NCUR 2020 at Montana State University (Cancelled).

11/07/2019: For MSU electrical engineering undergraduate, brain research offers a new path.

10/16-19/2019: Hammad gave a talk at the BMES 2019 in Philadelphia under nano micro-tools for neuroscience.

8/10-14/2019: Hammad gave a talk at the NNCI REU Convocation 2019 at Cornell University.

7/31/2019: Hammad presents his work at the summer NIH Montana INBRE summer celebration.